Friday, July 26, 2013

More pictures

One of many memorial stones at Dybbøl

Dybbøl Mill is the site of the Danes' valiant last stand against the Prussians in 1864. In the end they got to keep Sønderborg but lost Flensburg and the rest of Schleswig

Marina Minde is in a wonderful location at a bend on the Flensburg Fjord

One of the lovely things about being on a boat is that the view keeps changing. This is Flensburg by night

Cheeky chappucino

I don't know why the Flensburgers decorate their streets with old shoes

Bridge at Lindaunis on the Schlei. The single carriageway over the bridge is used by both trains and cars (presumably the tracks are like tram tracks so you can drive over them), has alternating one-way control with traffic lights at each end, and lifts once an hour to let boats underneath. An interesting logistical challenge

Beach at Sønderborg

We had steaks here (Sonderbørg again). Expensive but good

View from the Hoek van Holland - barges crossing into Europoort

View from the Hoek van Holland - by moonlight

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