Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The good, the bad....

In an earlier blog post I noted all the stuff we packed into the car, and I thought it would be interesting to comment on how useful it has been. 

  • 4 snap shackles for releasing the guard rails quickly - perfect, the right size and easy to use
  • extra spare impeller for the engine water pump - we already had three on board! But we have used one
  • Lavac Zenith toilet service kit - in reserve in case of emergencies, some spares already on boat
  • extra Garmin electronic chart covering Denmark & N Germany - crucial as the other one was on board but had totally corrupted
  • up-to-date pilot book for Denmark and Germany - useful but Brian Navin's style annoys me. He never tells you why you might want to go to a place
  • up-to-date copy of the Nigel Calder Boatowner's manual - useful but limited, and the index is pants
  • climbing harness for Sam - used every time he gets on and off
  • lightweight wheelchair with large, removable wheels - possibly our best buy, we could never have managed with the old one
  • two cans of Cruiser Uno (one-coat) antifouling - one can used
  • a new foldable Compass bicycle - left behind in the UK, no room in car
  • an extending boarding ladder - can't find a useful way to deploy it
  • a long line on a reel for Swedish rocks - left in car, no use in Denmark or Germany
  • two new high-class mooring warps - used every day, but the plait snags very easily and I don't know how long they will last
  • assorted engine spares, electrical spares and other bits and pieces - good selection, filters changed 
  • polish, cleaners, cloths - not needed as Anders had done such a good job with the polishing
  • Remoska cooker - astonishingly useful, draws only about 450 watts, works likes a mini-oven and saves lots of gas
  • and much more - ratchet spanners especially valued; thermal vests unused so far; stick-on grab rail totally useless

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