Wednesday, July 03, 2013

We are sailing

A bit of a red-letter day today, or at least pink - we went sailing on our own boat, for the first time since August 2011.

The forecast was unpromising - force 5 easterlies in the morning and rain in the afternoon. In fact we had light drizzle in the morning with E3-4, then the rain died away and it got gradually warmer, and finally the wind went west.

Anyway at about 1145 we slipped our warps and motored gently out into the sound with the wind behind us. The channel is quite narrow but within 15 minutes we were sailing with just the jib. As we got into the open sound Sam helmed for a while, then the wind got a bit stronger so we turned into it, got the main up and tacked back towards Augustenborg. We were only out for about an hour and a half and the main problem was that both Ben and Sam wanted to stay out longer and go faster! I just wanted a sea trial though, and was wary that it's very difficult to judge wind strength when it's dead aft, which is why we headed back. I also didn't want to exhaust Sam, but he proved remarkably un-exhausted ;-)

We had no problems at all and even getting back into the berth was ok. This afternoon we stocked up with heavy stuff from the supermarket and tomorrow we plan to head off to Sønderborg, only 10M away by sea. If all goes well we'll spend some time in the sheltered Flensburg fjord and then possibly go east to explore the Danish island of Aerø and its neighbours. Watch this space.

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