Thursday, July 04, 2013


Today we sailed all the way to Sønderborg - about 5 miles by road from Augustenborg, or 10.6 nautical miles by sea. Although we have been around the edge of the town numerous times, this is the first time we've been into the middle, and jolly nice it is too - a mixture of pretty older buildings and modern local facilities. We're on the town quay which is busy, with some traffic noise, but there's lots to watch, and because we got here early enough to get an alongside berth, getting Sam on and off is a doddle.

The quay at Sønderburg. Kalessin is behind the boat with the blue hull.

We sailed here very gently in light westerlies - the whole passage is extremely sheltered which couldn't have been better. Nevertheless Sam was very tired, which he won't admit to of course. We went out for a meal at a nice restaurant on the quayside, then a stroll along to the Slot (=schloss) where there was a gathering of classic cars, and the sun came out for the last hour of the evening. Despite all this, he was very tetchy and we made him walk the last 50m or so back to the boat, which helped - he does need to walk as much as he can.

Tonight he and I are sharing the forepeak bunk, which is more comfortable for Sam than the very narrow bunk he's been in up to now, but has the disadvantage that I have to get up whenever he needs a wee.

I'm finding the responsibility of managing everything a bit stressful, but the meal out and an hour of sunshine helped. Tomorrow we plan to go to a big marina in the Flensburg fjord and maybe stay a couple of nights. Sailing every day will definitely be too much of a strain for Sam. And me too, probably.

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