Thursday, June 09, 2016

Good and bad in Ste-Evette

The good news is that we left L'AberWrac'h at dawn and went right through the Chenal de Four and Raz de Sein in one go. Our speeds varied from 2kt just south of the Raz to 9.5kt in the Chenal de Four. 

Several disappointments awaited us on a mooring in Ste-Evette, however. Although we had arranged this whole section of the trip around meeting Sam's older sons here, I somehow managed to miscommunicate completely and they booked non-cancellable accommodation in Brest while we will be in Benodet. I can't think how I managed to f*** it up so comprehensively. Sam was disappointed of course but understanding, while I was just desolée, as we say in France. Maybe we will see them on Sunday. 

Then Guy ran out of tobacco, has mislaid his e-cigarette, and taking the dinghy to Ste-Evette resulted in no tobacco at all. So he took the dinghy across to the other side of the bay, walked into Audierne, found a tabac, hooray! and then the outboard ran out of fuel and he had to drag the dinghy across a very sandy beach. He was A Bit Cross. 

The moorings here are meant for boats up to 10m (33ft, ie our size) and are very close together, so we are at risk of crashing into the 40-footer next to us if wind or tide change in the night. Tomorrow, if we are still in one piece, we will head for Benodet, probably in the rain. 

Guy making a Turk's head as we leave the Raz de Sein 

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