Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Heading out into fog is not a nice experience. Last time we did it, we were at a tiny port on the island of Rugen in the German Baltic and we needed to catch a bridge opening at Stralsund. We didn't realise how thick the fog was until a bird flew past and disappeared less than 20 metres away.

The fog was not so bad today. It fluctuated between 200 and 500m visibility. Occasionally we saw a navigation mark or shadowy yacht. One yacht passed us only about a third of a mile away. We know he was there because we could see him tracked on AIS. But we never saw the yacht itself.

Rocks are quite scary after several years of nothing but North Sea mud. However we stuck to the safest possible route - round the outside of the Ile de Batz north of Roscoff, and in through the Grand Chenal which is wide and deep. As we picked our way up the L'AberWrac'h river, suddenly the vista opened up and the sky cleared and when we came in it was a glorious day.

We bought the world's most expensive hose at the chandlery here. Apparently that was ok, but my attempt to buy boat diesel with my debit card in Roscoff this morning was not. My bank phoned to ask if I was in France and why I had tried to buy €228 worth of fuel. I was a bit gobsmacked by this as I thought I bought about €40-worth, with a different card. Apparently if you pre-authorise a fuel purchase the seller includes a random amount, which was enough to upset the bank's systems. Still, it all seems to be sorted out now.

Tomorrow if the lack of fog continues we hope to go right round both corners (Chenal de four & Raz de Sein) to Audierne. Fingers are once again crossed.

Internet is rather slow here - I was going to add some pics but you may get them later if the speed improves.

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