Friday, June 10, 2016

Hooray, Benodet!

In 1998 we had a happy family holiday in La Forêt Fouesnant. Sam's mother and brother joined us from Guernsey for part of the time - the last time we saw her before she died. And we went to Benodet, the nearest sizeable town, and went for a ride on the petit train, which played a little song about Benodet. 

In 2006 we returned in Kalessin and had another ride on the petit train - although the jolly song was disappointingly missing. 

So when I planned this trip, Benodet seemed like a good destination for the delivery part of the trip. The delays in Ramsgate meant that Kalessin didn't reach Benodet with the delivery crew - but here we finally are, only four days late. I suppose if the weather had served and we had a super-tough all-pro crew they could have gone SYH - Ramsgate - Cherbourg - L'AberWrac'h - Benodet in just five days, but hey. Anyway we are staying here for three nights, hoping to meet Tim and Nick on Sunday, and stocking up the depleted larders in the Carrefour which is a pleasant 15-minute walk up a little creek. 

The journey here from Ste-Evette was extremely wet, as it rained solidly for six and a half hours, and very boring as we motored the whole way. This is not what we came to South Brittany for. Where is the sunshine? And the sailing?

It's weirdly quiet here. In SYH, or in any Dutch or Danish marina, on a Friday night the pontoons would be full of crews preparing for a weekend sail. Here there are a few quiet visitors, a few quiet birds, and almost nothing else. Perhaps it will be busier tomorrow. 

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