Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gas attack

Today hasn't been a very good day, not least because it has rained pretty much non-stop all day, with a high of about 14°. Exactly two years ago Sam and I were in Lauwersmeer in the north of the Netherlands, only 160 miles away from here and about 80 miles further south, and the temperature reached 31°. Ho hum. 

We've been trying to replace the flexible gas pipe, as required by the survey. I can't see how it can be so hard to find a pipe which goes from a standard Campingaz bottle and regulator to an ordinary marine gas stove, but apparently it is. The part we want isn't used in Denmark at all. I feel confident that a UK gas engineer would recognise it as obsolete and wangle together an acceptable though expensive update in half an hour, but unfortunately that's not an option at the moment. We may just have to use the existing pipe very carefully until we get home. 

Poor Sam has been very frustrated today as there has been not much he could help with, and not much more that he could talk about, and so of course he's been very bad-tempered and taking it out on me. I was millimetres away from tipping him into the sea, but managed to contain myself. 

In other news, Guy has replaced the seacock, Ben has rewired the fridge, I have cleaned and polished the mast and boom, and all the bits around the prop are checked and/or greased. Possibly tonight one or both boys has checked the Lavac for limescale, yippee. 

Tomorrow we have to rise early and check out of the hotel in time for The Launch. It will be lovely to be in the water but a bit of a shock to have everything wringing wet when it rains. Not sure yet if we can all live on board without killing each other...

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