Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work so far

Well, the antifouling is done (mostly by me with help from Sam and Ben). Also:
• New guardrail connections with snap shackles at one end, taped split pins at the other, and new string. Dodgers removed for now. 
• Two new batteries fitted and electrics working. 
• New LED lightbulbs fitted to nav lights and below. 
 Attempt made to replace corroded handle on seacock... with the result that tomorrow will be spent fitting a new seacock. 
 Winches serviced. 
 Flexible gas pipe removed and possible replacement identified in chandlery catalogue. 
 Numerous items mislaid already. 

Tomorrow: seacock, rope washing, cutless bearing, deep sea seals, and limescale removal from loo plumbing. Connecting fridge, checking electronics, making sure all skin fittings are sealed. 

Friday, 1015: launch, followed by lots of tidying and cleaning so we can get Sam on board

Sam has really enjoyed today. He sanded down the keel and touched up the rusty and scraped bits with antifouling. It doesn't sound like much but is probably the most DIY he's done since the stroke. He has also had to think very hard about boat bits and then try to explain what he means! Tonight he was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow and is now snoring like a bear. 

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