Friday, June 28, 2013


Well, I feel almost as tired as if we'd just crossed the North Sea, with less to show for it. Still, Kalessin is afloat with the mast up, the engine works, some of the lines are rigged, and the fuel filters changed (as a result of which everywhere smells slightly or strongly of diesel. Sam didn't remember where the fuel cut off was until Guy had been struggling for half an hour.It's been hard because Sam knows so much that he can't communicate, and some things he can't remember at all or it takes a long time. I think sometimes it sounds as though he's criticising when he just wants to contribute. But all of us find it rather hard to cope with.

We got Sam on board using the harness with very little problem, and as it has been raining all day (again) he was ok below.

More tomorrow - I'm just too tired to write tonight.

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