Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today we thought we would explore briefly up the Schlei, not all the way to Schleswig, which is 20 miles, but just enough to get a feel for it. There are two opening bridges, the first opening at quarter to every hour, the second on demand (call on VHF or fly flag "N").

We did just as planned - left Maasholm in time to get the 1145 opening, pootled down for half an hour and turned just before the second bridge, came back through the first bridge on the 1245 opening and moored on the visitors' pontoon in Kappeln.

The Schlei, in the bits we saw, is rather like the Orwell: gentle green slopes on either side, attractive houses and open fields, and lots of little marinas and moorings.

We picked this mooring because even Brian Navin calls it magnificent, and he is not given to hyperbole. Kappeln is a nice little town which is obviously a top spot for booze cruises by Danish yachts - there is the most amazing drinks shop I have ever seen, right on the quay. The sun is shining, the views both over the river and into the town are delightful, we're sheltered from the wind, and the bridge opening every hour gives us something to watch, and in between it's pretty quiet.

Tomorrow we plan a longer passage east to Heiligenhafen, weather permitting. Thoughtfully, the wind is forecast to go northwest, although still very light.

Miles covered today: 6.

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