Monday, July 11, 2011

Holy harbour...

...or Heiligenhafen, as they call it around here, is our overnight pausing spot. With more than 1000 berths it is more than likely the biggest marina in Germany, and quite possibly the whole Baltic. The Baltic system is that you cruise around the marina looking for green boards which indicate a free spot. (Red means that the owner will be home tonight). This is all very well in a modest marina, but here you could be cruising around for hours. Fortunately the observation crew (Ben and Sam) found a green berth quite quickly, and it's a very good location with a view of the sand dunes and swallows swooping around.

It seems like a very long time since we left Kappeln after a good meal out and an incredibly quiet night. We could even hear the couple coughing in the boat next door.

We left about 0745 with quite a bit of mist around, although still enough visibility to see the buoyed channel. Out in the sea visibility was better although the sun didn't come out until after 11am. The north-westerly wind was almost dead astern, and we had a couple of goes at using the cruising chute, but with only 6 or 7 knots of wind, when we sailed we were making only just over 3 knots, which would have meant a very late arrival here. So most of the day we have motored over a sea with annoying bumps in it, in brilliant sunshine.

The forecast is for another day of gentle north-westerlies tomorrow, but strong easterlies on Wednesday. So we plan to press on tomorrow to Travemünde, where we can pause for a day or two and visit Lübeck, and see what the weather brings.

Miles covered today: 47.

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