Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Latest update from Sam:

The big lead boats (Wallys etc) are about 850 miles off the finish and all pretty close. A record crossing is possible.

We are still making up our lost time for the sail repair but did a 176 noon to noon from yesterday. We shall be moving south in the next few hours to dodge the forecast wind hole, so the pole will come down and the motion should be smoother. Sleeping is very difficult even with lee cloths and cooking is nigh impossible, but Joan did manage sausages and pancakes for breakfast yesterday. I passed on the mapleen syrup.

The GPS is giving an eta of Dec 10 which is about what I expected, but we still have 1334 N M to go, but at least we are on the right side of the hill. Had a Vivaldi night last night (plus a bit of Status Quo).

We have been using [radio] links from Nova Scotia, Switzerland, Virginia (US) and GC. Got good copy (that's how they talk here) with Herb last night, so are up to speed with weather.

Poor Alan is a bit down, His father has been in for surgery but it turned out ok. His sister was less fortunate and bas been diagnosed with breast and lymph node cancer. He feels a bit helpless. Joan is holding up but I expect her to kiss the ground when we arrive. I have to say I shall be quite glad when I get back to terra firma.

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