Thursday, December 03, 2009

Downhill run

This update from Sam arrived at 1.37am today, but I think may have been stuck in the ether for a while. As of noon today they had about 1000 miles to run and were goosewinging (wind dead aft). The first and fastest yachts are expected to cross the finishing line sometime tomorrow.

Alan had a long conversation last night with a South African deck officer on a container ship bound for New York. He was a bit curious as to why he was suddenly ploughing through (not literally) 250  yachts. Madrid sounds fun [I'll probably have to go there in January - c]. Coincidentally I am reading about the siege during the Civil War.

First flying fish on deck this morning, about as big as a tinned sardine. Pic taken. Showered and shaved and wearing last clean knickers. Did a Roamer trick by washing three pairs in the shower. They are hanging on the winch and getting salty. Still long on t-shirts. We have dived down a lot more South because the Grib files are showing very thin winds where we were. Herb was faint last night (They talk about propagation being poor and warn us about sun flare activity. New world to me).

For the cocktail hour radio net tonight someone has organised a radio Trivial Pursuit contest. If Team Kalessin was here, we would be invincible!

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