Monday, November 30, 2009

Rocking & rolling

Latest update from Sam in mid-Atlantic:

Running wing on wing with the Genoa poled out, big swells rolling like a good 'un.  Can't put anything down. Had the curry on the cockpit table last night and with every roll it slid threateningly over the plate towards your lap.

Our sewing on the sail seems to be holding up, pity about the rest which is unravelling readily. It seems that the Med UV has taken its toll of the sacrificial strip stitching, and the sailmaker who did the check for Alan did a crap job. Overall sail integrity ok though and I do not fancy taking it down again when we would either have to restitch the whole thing or cut it all off.

Other boats report equipment damage and  failure. I did not really appreciate what a pounding everything takes.

More flying fish today. One boat had an egret drop in for a rest and another had a killer whale (they think) swim under the boat.

The good news is that we are halfway. According to Lauren we are 22nd overall on uncorrected time (or is that corrected?) anyway, respectable performance. Another 180-plus over the last 24 hrs but we have been warned of a wind hole on Thursday. Herb is hard to contact at the moment but maybe we can get him tonight. Alan has updated the website with a data send via the Iridium.

Starting to think about coming home but there is still at least another nine days if the wind and everything else holds.

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