Monday, May 12, 2008

They're off...

Sam and Robin and Kalessin have left Badalona today, heading for Port St Louis.

Sam says:

We are going! Forecasts look OK, still a lot of cloud and rain threatening but I think we will have to go for it. We are going in one hit (to get it over) so will be incommunicado for approx one day. Left mobile on by mistake last night so down to one bar. Had brainwave that I could use the other phone I brought for the French sim card but that isn't working either. So I'll save what I have with the Razr to report in when we arrive....

Closing down now. Adios Badalona. I think I'll miss it.

Am I worrying about them? You bet!

Here's the weather map for 4am (UTC) tomorrow. The line is the coast, Barcelona is the bottom "14", Marseille the top one. The darker the blue, the less wind, so they will mainly have F3 on the beam... actually, wait, I'm quite envious.

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