Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting there (we hope)

Sam and Robin had a really bad first day - it took them 12 hours to get to Blanes at an average speed of 2.2 knots, heading almost straight into the wind. An overnight in Blanes and they were all ready to set off again on Tuesday, but a few miles offshore a leak developed in the engine cooling system and whenever the engine ran, water pumped into the boat! Lots of bilge pumping and a quick return to Blanes followed.

On Wednesday morning they met Juan the engineer, who advised that a full repair could take too long but a quick fix was possible with Magic Putty ( super duper epoxy resin). So they set off again at 1300 local yesterday, expecting to sail all the way to Port St Louis (120 miles?) rather than motoring in the slow bits. No word yet, but I hope that just means that the winds are light and not that they have sunk....

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