Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Making progress

Sam and crew have made excellent progress along the Spanish coast, after a day or two exploring Morocco. As of the last few days they have been in Almerimar (pictured), which has a reputation as an excellent cruising marina - not least because it's a bit more affordable and slightly less full than many of the other marinas.

Poor Val has been stricken with Spanish tummy so they have spent a few days resting and waiting for the wind not to be force 6 on the nose! Fortunately they are parked next to a yacht whose owner used to own the other Westerly Storm on our pontoon in Suffolk Yacht Harbour ... what a small world sailing is. They have been explaining to Sam the delights of the French canals and I think he's slowly coming around to the idea, although unless we can get Kalessin well inland this autumn it may mean a very late start next year.

Occasional calls, emails and texts fly back and forth with crucial questions like "Do we have a grater on board?" (yes, it's on top of battery 4 under the sink) and "How do I change the blade on the jigsaw?" (use the long black screwdriver which is in a pot by the answerphone). I'm sure it's very good for Sam to be domestic and for me to do the DIY...

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