Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bally arics

Today Kalessin is on her way from Ibiza to Majorca. According to Windguru there are light south-westerlies, temperatures of around 24 degrees, and cloud. So maybe they'll get a good spinnaker run - Sam seems to have developed new confidence with the spinnaker, not to mention new methods. That's what comes of sailing with experienced racers like Paul & Val.

Val seems to be recovering slowly from her bout of tummy trouble, and that combined with some adverse winds lost them some time, so they have only spent a couple of days in Ibiza. Guy and Ben are convinced Ibiza is wall-to-wall clubs, with sparkling lights and waist-deep foam absolutely everywhere. Sam says they haven't encountered any of that, but they were in the same marina as the Roamers last night so may well have encountered a bit of alcohol.

Kalessin spent a couple of days in Altea, last stop on the mainland, which has free high-quality wireless internet access. So Sam and I were able to use Yahoo chat a couple of times, which was nice. (Guy says only wrinklies use Yahoo chat whereas hip young persons like himself are all on MSN Messenger). Having spent the last couple of weeks researching and using Lotus Sametime at work - Norwich Union is mostly running software which is about 10 years out of date - I'm starting to learn more than I ever wanted to know about instant messaging systems.

The Intemperances fly home on the 20th so there's only a couple more days to get to Bonaire, where Kalessin will be hauled out for maintenance & antifouling. Sam had a good swim under the boat a couple of days ago and says that both antifouling and anodes are still in good shape, which is reassuring. The antifouling was particularly expensive but was obviously a good investment.

On Monday it will be exactly a year since we left Suffolk Yacht Harbour at 6am. What an amazing year it has been...

Portinatx, Ibiza, from Google Earth

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