Saturday, May 26, 2007

Straits of Gibraltar

Today, Kalessin is crossing from Gibraltar to Ceuta in Morocco. The forecast is good (moderate westerlies, temperatures up to 19 degrees) and I really want to visit Morocco. Trouble is, I'm back home in Suffolk while Sam, Paul and Val gallivant out in the straits.

I took Sam to Luton Airport on Tuesday where we met up with Paul and Val. Paul celebrated his last night in the West Indies by being beaten up, apparently by a local Tortolan loonie. Then, having done all they could to get Intemperance on her way to the UK by ship, Paul & Val took four flights back to the UK. By the time they arrived Paul's black eye was coming on very nicely and he had to be plastered with makeup for the photos for his new passport. On Tuesday Paul was doing the filmstar bit in Luton Airport, with dark glasses to cover up his spectacular bruising and red eyeball. However, Sam tells me that sunshine and Spanish brandy are having a curative effect and he now looks much better.

Sam's laptop wifi stopped working just before he left, which is a bit of a blow. So I guess that unless he (or Paul) mends it AND gets a good connection AND remembers how to log on to update the blog, any further blog updates will have to be done by me from Suffolk. I'll try not to sigh too loudly!

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