Sunday, May 13, 2007

Plans, plans

Here's the good news: Easyjet is having a bad summer. So where it cost over £100 each way for us to fly out to the Algarve and back from Malaga at Easter, we're now looking at flights costing only around £50 each even in July and some of August.

And here's the summer plan so far: The boat will be ashore in Bonaire, northern Mallorca, from mid-June onwards. Sam flies out again in mid-July, Ben and I join him on 27 July and we spend three weeks pootling around Menorca and Mallorca. Then Guy and his girlfriend Beth fly out to Mallorca around 21 August, we pootle a bit more, and cross to Barcelona. Ben, Guy, Beth and I fly home at the beginning of September.

With us so far?

Then someone else (as yet unspecified, but hopefully a friend who is both a sailor & retired) joins Sam in Barcelona and they take Kalessin up into southern France, get the mast down, and park it for the winter somewhere up the canals...

...unless we change our minds again.

It's raining a lot here. Sam is worrying about whether we really want to go back to sailing in the UK.

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