Monday, May 08, 2006

Clearing out

We originally planned that this sailing trip would last a year, and one of the attractions for me was that it would give us an opportunity to get rid of lots of Stuff. The sort of Stuff which fills up your cupboards and shelves, which you're slightly emotionally attached to, or which is bound to come in useful one day.

I've been trying to persuade the boys (all three of them) that it's still worth doing this. I've cleared out the linen cupboard and recycled a number of old curtains from taller houses which will never be any use here. I've given away numerous old pairs of trousers which I will never wear again. I've persuaded Sam (I think) to part with some of his heritage collection of old motoring books. And bravest of all, I've spent the last two days clearing out Ben's bedroom. The result has been three black bin-liners full of total junk, and three or four boxes full of toys to be given away or sold. Even now, Ben still has quite a lot of stuff in his bedroom... but at least it's all now there for a reason.

I've learned a few lessons from the clear-out too. For example:
  • any food, if left long enough under the bed, turns into a small pile of brown dust
  • never give a staple gun to a 12-year-old, especially if you value your carpet
  • sticky substances in any science set will spread themselves all over every surface
Guy's bedroom next...

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