Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not launched

Today was supposed to be the day Kalessin went in the water. Well, technically she was supposed to be launched on Monday, but that was just down to boatyard slippage.

Sam and I were down at Suffolk Yacht Harbour bright and early and spent the morning sorting out final things. Lindsey Rufford, our engineer, was also on board making final arrangements to fit the rudder. At lunchtime, as promised, the boatyard crew arrived with enormous crane, lifted Kalessin and tilted her savagely forward so that the rudder could be inserted at the rear.

The rudder went in fine - but the new rudder bush was just 3mm too big. Nothing Lindsey could do on site would make it fit. He has taken it away to a friend who has a lathe. With luck, the boat may go in the water tomorrow, but we won't be there to watch.

I went off to Fox's chandlery to buy a lovely new pair of bright red jib sheets. We wanted one red and one green (port and starboard, to help me with my rather vague understanding of left and right) but sadly they didn't have any green rope in the right size.

It was a gorgeous day - perfect for an early-season sail. Not for us, though.

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