Saturday, June 06, 2009

Long gap...

I'm a bit shocked to see that it's five months since I last posted to the blog. Admittedly, we haven't yet been sailing this year (although Kalessin has been in the water since mid-May), but we have had a few other waterborne activities.

In April I passed my assessment as an Auxiliary Navigational Ranger on the Broads and got my keys....Very long pause there while I worked out how to export images from iPhoto. I'm still getting used to using a Mac. Anyway I'm now out on the rivers a couple of times a month, which is great.

On my birthday I acquired a new way to go boating (seen here floating on a yoga mat....): inflatable kayak. Ben & I have been out today for our first proper expotition, around Geldeston on the Waveney. Ben was so tired afterwards he came home & slept for three hours. Or perhaps it's the GCSEs?

We're trying to decide where to take Kalessin in the summer - I finish work on 26 June for around 6 weeks. Netherlands is still favourite I think but I'm waiting to see if Ben can make his mind up. Exactly three years ago we were all set for the big departure....

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