Friday, January 02, 2009

New year, new upholstery

After weeks of agonising over colours, patterns, textures, fabrics, prices and more we have finally commissioned Jeckells* to replace all the upholstery on the boat. I feel kind of guilty because it's such a girly thing, but as the old seat covers were splitting in several places we really didn't have much choice.

In addition they will remake the cushions in the cabins so that the base boards and cushions are separate - no idea why Westerly made them in one piece originally, but the result is that the cushions are heavy, unwieldy and in the case of the aft cabin are actually too big to get out through the door. If we do go back to the tropics (or just anywhere warmer than the UK) we can also replace the boards with bed slats from Ikea to allow better air circulation.

Sam and I went down to the boat yesterday to check everything was OK. We thought we'd go for a 3-mile walk around Trimley and then retreat to the boat to warm up and have lunch. Unfortunately, Jeckells are so keen that all the cushions had already gone! We had to sit in the cockpit and enjoy our lunch there. It is strange to sit in the cockpit, high above the ground, looking out over a grey-green field filled with mist and gorse, and think of all the other views we have had from the same cockpit over the past three years - the emptiness of the Bay of Biscay, the huge swell off Portugal, colourful fishing boats in the Ile de Groix, the heat (38deg) and harbour wall in Bonaire, the depth of the Bollene lock...

* Jeckells and Sons, the upholstery people in Wroxham, established in 1832, are not under any circumstances to be confused with Jeckells the Sailmakers in Wroxham, established in 1832.

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