Saturday, July 26, 2008

Almost off

Sam has been in France since last week, and has managed to refit the heat exchanger, sort out a few other problems with leaks, and get Kalessin into the water. She has moved from the hard standing at Navy Service, just outside Port St Louis, into PSL itself. We're communicating mainly via text but it sounds like he's having a good time, after a few days of Mistral (strong northerlies) last week. Lots of mosquitoes though.

By the time Ben and I arrive on Tuesday, we hope he'll have moved her upriver to Arles, which saves us 25M of stress on our first day and means an easier transfer from the train. The Rhône will be a bit of a trial as we plug against the current, and there are very few places to stop below Lyon. However the ever helpful Grehan is a couple of weeks ahead of us and says water conditions are good - not too much flow in the Rhône, enough water in the canals. Fingers crossed.

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