Sunday, June 22, 2008

Canoeing on the Waveney

We didn't take a camera when we went canoeing because we really didn't want to drop it in the Waveney. If we had taken a picture it might have looked like this - only longer.

We had a four-man canoe with me, Ben, Guy and Beth aboard. Initially we wiggled a lot, and argued a bit, but eventually we settled down and did some very enjoyable exploring. The rain held off, although eventually the wind got up a bit. We even managed to scrape our way down a very shallow backwater (and under two very low footbridges which Ben and I crossed last week) where at one point Guy got out and towed us (just as well he was wearing wellies).

We said hello to lots of cows, saw some gorgeous dragonflies and damselflies, saw fish (and fishermen), ate mini lemon meringue tarts and generally had a great time. Highly recommended.

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