Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sunshine and bottom scraping

On Monday night I phoned Sam in Mallorca. It was about 7.30pm in the UK, dark, very windy, cold and of course bucketing with rain. He told me he was sitting outside and still sweating at 8.30pm Spanish time. Too hot for me, but it has to be better than the UK. He has been cleaning, antifouling and replacing underwater things like anodes, while Kalessin is out of the water.

Ben and I are on a late flight to Palma tomorrow - we don't land until almost midnight and probably won't get on board until about 2am. Then at about 8am we will have to be up and about as Kalessin is being re-launched. The launch was originally promised for the 26th but it seems the boatyard staff "discovered" it was a festival day... well it is Spain, after all.

Guy returned from the Eastern Haze festival at the weekend absolutely coated in mud - he forgot his wellies. I am worrying in a maternal sort of way about who will scrub his jeans while we are away. I don't think his girlfriend's mother should have to do it. He has a driving theory test booked on 14 August - will he remember if I don't remind him? Will he even remember about getting to Stansted to fly out and join us onthe 21st? Worry, worry...

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