Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm hot

Well, as predicted, it is hot in Mallorca. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my bunk with sweat from the back of my head going drip…drip…drip on to my shoulder. It peaked at 32 deg. We did get the boat launched in the morning, and I spent the afternoon reading Harry Potter and shouting at anyone who interrupted me. Today is slightly cooler (30 deg) and also breezier, and perhaps we’re adapting a bit.

Bonaire is a very pleasant spot, with lots of pine trees, a couple of little rocky coves, a small supermarket, and various cafes and restaurants. Ben and I have swum a few times, in fact living in the sea seems quite attractive, although yesterday afternoon it got pretty choppy in the cove around the corner. I expect my fingers would go wrinkly after a while.

There is a brand new wifi network here, only connected today, with no security as yet – hence the post. It’s also given me a chance to check the forecast. We might change our plans as there looks like a week of steady north-easterlies, which would be on the nose for going to Menorca. Still the forecast could change, and we’re not expecting to leave until Monday. The biggest problem with being here in July and August is that there are 36,000 yachts in the Balearics but only 30,000 moorings, and a ban on any further marina development. We plan to anchor a lot (not always my favourite thing as regular readers will know) but the E coast of Mallorca is not going to be very sheltered in strong easterlies.

Just at the moment the sea breeze is howling alarmingly in the rigging of the boat next to us and I feel like staying here for the next three weeks. Top spot so far is the café around the corner with enormous padded basket chairs, hammocks and daybeds with awnings, all in the shade of the pine trees. It’s very sybaritic.

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