Saturday, June 10, 2006


I went into Norwich yesterday and had my hair cut off. See horrible pictures below (taken by me with the camera at arms' length, so not exactly flattering). I started growing my hair in 1995, so having a chop was a bit of a shock.

When I got home, at first Guy was the only one who noticed. Sam claimed he couldn't see the back of my head... anyway, fortunately he likes it.

If I had been doing the cutting I might have made it even shorter, but perhaps this is enough for now!

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Margaret said...

Well, I think you hair looks lovely - and it was a great party. Thank you. What's more, I'm beginning to feel excited about your imminent departure so I'll be a regular blog watcher.

Wishing you a fair wind and a happy and successful voyage.

(If we can think of a suitable birthday present before you leave, we'll drop it round, but it's difficult...)