Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Keeping the options open

I spent a lot of yesterday finalising passage plans down as far as the Channel Islands, working out detailed tides and options for ports of call.

After much thought, I also booked an alternative flight home for Guy from Nantes in S. Brittany instead of from Gijon in N. Spain. This gives us the option of an extra two or three weeks in France and less pressure to do the Biscay crossing. We may have to find alternative crew to cross Biscay as Guy would not then be with us (volunteers please get in touch!). Our amended route plan is below.

Not quite 50 cents this time, Ryanair's basic price was a whopping 5.99 euros, but the really good thing is that the flight gets into Stansted 45 minutes after the Gijon flight on the same day, so our plans for the UK end don't have to change at all.

The lists are proliferating, but I think we can get through everything in time...aaarrgghh!!! I feel like I'm permanently vibrating slightly with tension and things to think about.

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