Monday, May 29, 2006

Sea trials

Yesterday we successfully concluded our first sea trial. Well, river trial anyway. A slow mile or so up to Pin Mill, into the spring ebb (i.e. strong currents) and a wind gusting up to 20 knots, and a very fast mile back, with Chris, an engineer who is one of Lindsey's chaps, sitting below listening to every beat of the engine. No engine problems at all.

Minor problems uncovered:
  • The fuel gauge doesn't work (probably a loose wire somewhere)
  • The wind indicator instrument was out by 180 degrees - Sam has corrected this with a bit of electronic tweaking but has something crucial been wired upside down?
  • The speed indicator (log) isn't working because we haven't lowered the paddle wheel into the water yet - oops
The heater ducting and other engine piping is now finished, and the aft cabin (pictured above right) is once again a place where one can recline luxuriously (albeit with a slight smell of diesel) - the next picture down shows the back of the engine under where the pillow is - believe me, this is very neat and clean.

We're also making magnificent progress in the galley (pictured below) - now a fit place to cook a meal. Not quite sure about the bottle of acetone though.

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