Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Happy birthday to me

It's my 50th birthday today - ulp. Not sure if I want to be in my 50s, but there's not much I can do about it. I had a beautiful birthday breakfast tray, with champagne, the first rose of summer, and my toast and Marmite in the shape of an "L" - it's a Roman numeral, you know.

Ben wrote me a poem. It says:

My mother
Words cannot describe the wonderfulness of my mother,
And although she gave birth to my brother,
I think she's great and I love her,
And I couldn't live with another.

Sam's last day at work was yesterday, so we were able to have a very relaxed morning, a very nice lunch at the Lindsay House restaurant in Eye, and then Sam, Ben and I went for a walk along the beach at Walberswick. Of course, we couldn't resist looking at the boats even though it was supposed to be a non-boat day, so we crossed to the Southwold side on the little foot ferry, walked up to the bridge, and walked back on the Walberswick side.

Ben always has to go paddling when we go to the seaside!

I also received two fabulous bunches of flowers - one from the boys (and Sam) which came from the florist at Eye and was delivered into my hands as we walked into the restaurant, and another from my much-loved aunt and godmother, Sonia, all the way from Cornwall (via Interflora).

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