Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Teaky clean

Why do men have this thing about perfect woodwork? To me, it's logical to focus on doing the most vital things now, for example getting Kalessin's bottom painted before the launch (due the first week in May). But Sam wanted to finish scraping the old varnish off the various teak rails, and treat them with an acidic cleaner (which involves energetic scrubbing with lots of water) before doing the second coat of antifouling.

His reasoning is that the teak cleaner running down the antifouling makes it all streaky, so we need to do the cleaning before the antifouling. Yes, says I, but if we clean the teak after we launch, the antifouling will be underwater, so it won't get streaky. Also we will have millions of gallons of water for rinsing within easy reach, instead of running up and down a long ladder with a bucket. Also I am already weary and want to get the antifouling done straight away instead of spending three hours scrubbing teak.

Anyway ... the teak does look very nice now. Also the second and final coat of antifouling is on (finished about 6pm Monday). Also Sam's shoulder is getting better, but still prevents him from doing too much. Boy, I slept well last night - in fact I'm still rather tired...

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