Sunday, April 09, 2006

La Coruna dreaming...

It's two months and one week until Camilla, Sam, Guy and Ben are due to head south for France, Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean in our Westerly Storm Kalessin of Orwell.

I'm starting this blog slightly experimentally to help us think about options for communicating with our friends, relations and colleagues in the UK and elsewhere.

Today Sam is down at the boat continuing to wrestle with the installation of the Lavac, Guy is at Tollesbury learning some advanced sailing skills (rudderless sailing and jury rigs appear to be on the syllabus) and Ben and I are at home feeling chilly (after a £700 oil bill last week we're too mean to run the heating in the middle of the day).

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Lucilla said...

I make that 18 June. Is that right?