Sunday, April 09, 2006

Kalessin at home

Kalessin of orwell, a Westerly Storm 33 built in 1988. She was originally called Box Bee
Kalessin of Orwell in her home berth at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on the river Orwell.
We've had to give up this berth (you pay for the whole year in one go) so once she's launched she will be on a swinging mooring at Pin Mill.

Kalessin is a Westerly Storm, built in 1988 and previously rejoicing in the name Box Bee. She is just over 10m long with a beam of 3.5m, and she displaces 5.1 tonnes. She has three cabins and a very fine loo, a spacious galley and a number of unnecessary luxuries such as pressurised hot water. We have owned her since September 2004 when we sold our Sadler 29, Magewind.

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