Thursday, April 13, 2006

...and pain with liferafts

Normally for our summer sailing we hire a liferaft. This isn't really an option for this trip as bringing an enormously heavy liferaft, complete with explosive device, back to the UK on the plane is somewhat frowned on by the airlines.

So it's time to spend some serious money. The liferaft Sam identified (Lifeguard Forties) looked like a really good deal - until our friendly liferaft agent suggested that we find out whether they could be serviced in Spain (this one needs yearly servicing). It transpires the only agents are in Barcelona and Valencia, which won't be too handy if we end up in Seville. Instead we'll have to go for a Plastimo one which, of course, costs more, but Plastimo has dozens of agents in Spain and Portugal.

It's frustrating to have to spend over £1,000 on something you hope never to need. Insurance is very cheap by comparison (our annual premium is going up by a mere £54!)

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