Saturday, September 10, 2016

Pictures of Pornic

I have a mental block about place names in Brittany beginning with P. I kept forgetting Piriac, and now we have been to Pornic as well, I keep confusing them. We nearly went from Pornic to Pornichet, which could conceivably have caused complete brain fade, but fortunately we gave it a miss.

These pictures are almost certainly Pornic.

View from the boat on Wednesday evening

Late walk into Pornic

Eglise de Saint-Gilles in the upper town

Ben goes paddling

Small but perfectly formed creperie

The rather challenging ramps down to the pontoon. This is at high water when the ramp is at its most level. We got sam up at high water but buy the time we returned it was two hours before LW and he had to walk
Looking up the ramp at high water. For the first couple of metres there is nothing for Sam to hold on to, and there are also regular ridges which stop trolleys running back but are a nightmare to get a wheelchair over unless you are as strong as Ben

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