Thursday, September 01, 2016

Back in Arzal

Well here we are, back on board just six very busy weeks after we left, with an edition of Cruising and one of the monthly CA email newsletter all done. Kalessin is just where we left her in Arzal and we now have a contract until June 1 next year. 

This time we came out with Ben, who has very kindly taken two weeks off from his civil engineering job to join us out here. I feel bad that his first task on board was a marine engineering job. When we left the domestic water pump was leaking pretty much constantly. During the time our friends Alex & David were out here it failed completely. Fortunately I had already ordered a replacement from ASAP and even more fortunately it was pretty much a straight swap, with our new onboard electric drill making it a bit easier to drill the new holes. Ben did all the hard work, which was exceedingly kind of him. 

When we arrived around 11am after our overnight crossing to St-Malo it was a pleasant warm morning. As we loaded everything and then Sam on board it rapidly turned into a very hot afternoon with hardly a breath of wind. Fortunately by around 3pm there was both breeze and cloud to bring relief, so Ben and I left Sam dozing in the cockpit while we drove to a supermarché and stocked up on heavy wine, beer and potatoes, among other things. 

What with not much sleep on the ferry, unpacking, shopping, water pump fixing and general sweatiness we are all very weary so this is a short blog post. 

One other bit of good fortune. We have a cockpit table which is very nice, slightly too small, made of solid wood and is so heavy we almost never use it. For years I have been looking for a light but strong camping table which might replace it. Then a few weeks ago in Aldi I saw a table which looked as though it might be just the job. I took a punt and bought it, brought it out with us and behold, it fits perfectly. Not very robust perhaps, but a lot better for Sam than balancing a plate on his knee. Now all we have to do is find a place to store it when not in use...

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