Saturday, June 18, 2016

Into the bay of Quiberon

When we left Port-Louis this morning I had a number of concerns.

(a) Yesterday I saw a lovely French dentist with impeccable English who x-rayed my tooth, diagnosed a small abscess on the bone and prescribed antibiotics. Unfortunately the pharmacie only had one pack instead of two. Would they get the extra pack in by 9am Saturday as promised? Answer: yes they did, and I got to walk through the weekly market on my way to collect them.

(b) Would it be too shallow to get out of Port-Louis at low water? Answer: it was fine and we never saw less than 1.6m under the keel.

(c) Would it be too windy to sail? In fact after an hour or so of jilling around in light winds (which made Simon very queasy), the wind filled in and we were hurtling along at up to 7.5kt.

(d) Would it be too windy to berth in Port Haliguen? Answer: we were allocated a finger but even so it was a tight thing with 18kt of wind blowing us in and away from the finger pontoon, but with three people helping us we did moor up eventually.

Too sleepy to write more tonight..

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