Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Niggly things

Preparations continue and yesterday I went out on Kalessin with Guy & his girlfriend Kai, who knows nothing about sailing but is keen to learn more. Meanwhile Sam was sailing with EAST, so we were able to wave to him while out in the river.

For two or three years the compass on our rather nice Steiner binoculars has been unlit, so it's no good for taking bearings at night - annoying, as this is one of its most useful features. Somehow, while trying to replace the batteries we lost the battery cover and one of the batteries. i have now tracked down, through the Steiner UK dealership, a replacement battery cover and what we all hope are the right batteries. Fingers crossed.

I've also bought a hotspot generator, a tiny widget which logs on to a 3G or 4G mobile data signal and makes it available to any smartphone, tablet etc within range. This means even if there is no marina wifi you can still log on with a laptop or wifi-only tablet. The plan is to buy a data-only SIM card in France but in the meantime I have ordered a data SIM from the 3 network which should work ok provided we use it once or twice in the UK first.

I spent a happy hour or two at the weekend extracting and examining the sender in our fuel tank. It looks absolutely immaculate, whereas the gauge looks extremely manky, so we are back to suspecting the gauge. Our electrician will take a look at the end of this week.

Meanwhile my father is feeling better, our friend in France who has cancer is still keen for us to visit, and lots of family members are coming to my celebration on Saturday, so there's good stuff to look forward to.

Photos taken from a surprisingly comfortable position inside the cockpit locker...

Manky gauge
Un-manky sender

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