Sunday, December 13, 2015

Crew wanted for lovely warm summer sailing

After a distinctly grim summer in the North Sea we are contemplating taking Kalessin down to southern Brittany in 2016. At the moment our thoughts are something like this:
  • Late May/early June - Guy & delivery crew sail Kalessin to somewhere like Brest, Quimper or Lorient (I am trying hard to persuade Sam that he will not enjoy the delivery trip, he remains to be convinced).
  • Early June - Sam and Camilla travel to agreed location, taking a car via Brittany Ferries
  • June to mid-July - Sam and Camilla sail very gently in southern Brittany. We will need crew, so will only sail when we can persuade others to come with us.
  • mid-July - we hope to reach a point somewhere between the Vilaine and La Rochelle where we can leave the boat for a while. Camilla will collect the car, we hope to visit friends who live in the Limousin, then we we will come home by ferry
  • mid July to end August - Camilla & Sam at home while Camilla completes the September edition of Cruising. Kalessin may be available as a holiday residence if you fancy a short break on the Côte Atlantique
  • early September - if all goes well Camilla & Sam may return to France and start sailing Kalessin gently northwards again
  • end September - again Sam and Camilla return to UK and a delivery crew brings Kalessin home to Suffolk.
So we will need crew who can get to Brittany fairly easily, and will enjoy gentle sailing, for as short or long a period as you like. We would pay for expenses on board but would ask you to pay your own travel costs. 

If you are interested please post a comment and we will get straight back to you, or email directly if you already have our email address (we prefer not to include it here to avoid spam). 

Below, photos from our last trip to southern Brittany, 10 years ago, to whet your appetite...

View of Loctudy
Fruits de mer, Loctudy
Ile de Groix
Sauzon on Belle-Ile

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