Monday, December 01, 2014

Crew wanted for 2015

This year we have sailed with family and friends which has been lovely, but a bit sporadic. And as we discovered with Alex and David, there is no guarantee that crew availablity will coincide with decent winds and weather.

So for 2015 we are looking for crew through other means and I have have registered with the Cruising Association crew finder and placed an ad on the Westerly Owners' Association site.

Our ad on the CA site reads as follows:

My husband Sam Brown and I have cruised on the UK east coast, in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal and the Med, and in the Baltic. In 2012 Sam suffered a massive stroke which severely affected his mobility, his use of language and his right hand and arm. Since then we have continued to sail together but we need at least one extra crew member with us since Sam can't do very much and also needs help getting around the boat.
We are looking for crew with some sailing experience who are also comfortable with sailing with Sam and willing to help him get around and on/off the boat and ideally develop his sailing abilities. We have methods which don't require a lot of physical strength to move him but it is probably a good idea if you have a reasonable level of physical fitness.
We are members of the Haven Ports Yacht Club and hope to join a number of their weekend cruises in company in 2015. We also plan to join the Westerly Owners' association cruise to Zeeland and the Delta from June 17 to 29 and possibly stay on in the Netherlands for a while. Our son Guy may be with us for part of this cruise.

If you are interested in crewing for us, please comment below and we will be in touch!

If you have arrived here after clicking the link in one of our ads please take a look around the blog to find out more about us.


Thomas Motekat said...

Dear Camilla,

I think it is a marvellous plan to go on bigger trips again with Sam. I sincerely hope you´ll find somebody decent to go with you as a new crew member. I can only envy him or her and would certainly love to apply if I would live in the UK as sailing has been my passion for the most time of my life.
best regards

Camilla Herrmann said...

Thomas, we would love you to join us. If we make it to the Netherlands next summer perhaps you could come up for a few days?