Sunday, June 30, 2013

Under way

We made our first voyage today - all of 100 metres from the quayside berth beside the mast crane to a proper box mooring. Not much, but it felt like a journey. We had to leave it until early evening because this morning was sunny but very erratically gusty, definitely not ideal for a first move.

I focused on sorting out and tidying the galley and the heads, which makes me feel better if no one else. Sam exercised his right hand by winding a winch and wiggling the tiller, both of which he did surprisingly well. And Guy and I found and patched one dinghy puncture, after I found the patch kit in a locker which Guy assured me he'd already searched, and even trying the little chandlery who didn't have a patch kit either. We'll try to find the hole in the other sponson tomorrow.

This afternoon the wind dropped and it started drizzling, so we got the mainsail up. Around 6pm the boys took Sam for a shower - there are no unisex disabled facilities here, so they had to take him to the men's, which gave me 30 mins on my own. And finally we started the engine and motored very slowly into our new berth. Hopefully before Guy leaves we can practice getting Sam off over the bow, and if the weather is ok at any point maybe sail for a couple of hours.

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