Monday, February 13, 2012

For my Valentine

Today I'm in London and Sam is in Suffolk, which makes it hard secretly to sneak a handmade card or a box of heart-shaped chocolates on to the breakfast table. 

So instead I'm posting to the blog to tell you all what a wonderful husband I have. 

When we sail, I get jittery. Even in the super safe and sheltered Baltic there is always something for me to worry about. On every journey, Sam looks after me, reassures me and makes it all happen. When things get tough, he makes the decisions. He even tells me I'm beautiful and encourages me to sail with no clothes on. I couldn't go sailing without him, however many clothes I was wearing. 

Thank you my love for putting up with me for all these years, and here's to many more...

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Sam Brown said...

Thank you for all that. Always good to be appreciated. You do realise that whenever we go sailing everyone will be focussing their binox on us on the offchance of catching you au naturel. I guess if it was me, they would not be so keen! Love you. S