Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Shop till you stop

Today was mad extravagant shopping day, a chance to cruise around Copenhagen's luxury stores and splash out on something really special. At the end of four hours' dedicated indulgence, Camilla had purchased a can opener and Sam had three pairs of socks. 

Our feeble excuse is that prices were very high, we don't really need anything (apart from a can opener and socks) and anything we buy has to be stored on the boat and/or transported home, which tends to rule out fabulous modern mirrored chandeliers at 9,000 krone a pop. 

It has rained on and off through the day, so Camilla spent much of the time in larger stores, which minimised the time in the rain, admiring Danish household design and occasionally venturing into ladies' wear.  There is a lot of wonderful Danish clothing design around, but colours tend to be cool greys, blues and beiges which get just a tiny bit dull after a while. 

It's nice to get back to Svanemølle station, which is starting to feel like home (Sam says that means it's time to move on). There's a lot about this place which is reminiscent of Badalona, north of Barcelona, where Kalessin overwintered in 2007-8: a big modern marina (but less concrete here), a short walk to the station (although this is shorter) with easy connections to the city, lots of roadworks (why?) and even a disused power station with three enormous chimneys. Train tickets here are around twice the price for half the distance compared with Spain, though.

The promised bad weather seems to be passing south of us, with strong winds for North Germany while all we've had so far are thundery squalls. The most helpful forecast is the Danish one, which is in English but with wind speeds in metres per second, which is just annoying - what would Admiral Beaufort say? It also only goes 24 hours ahead. No doubt there is a longer-term forecast in Danish but we haven't found it yet. Anyway, tomorrow still looks windy: the wording is "Wednesday transiently locally perhaps gale, 15 m/s".

Tomorrow we plan to get a day's proper wifi Internet access (blog posts just use a data connection from Camilla's iPhone) which will not only help us get better forecasts, but will also allow us to make some decisions and book some tickets for going home. 

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