Friday, August 19, 2011

Changing plans

What with one thing and another, we felt it was best for Camilla to fly home to support Ben. How clever of us to be in a marina with a very fast, free wifi connection. The flights are changed and she flies home on Monday, while Sam sticks to plan A and flies back on the 31st. This means we have to be in Augustenborg by Sunday, but as mentioned before it's only 38 miles away and the forecast is for Sunday to have gentle southerlies. It's a shame to miss out on the Lille Baelt, but after all the boat will be here next spring so we can start with harbours we didn't see this year.

The wind has increased gradually throughout the day, peaking at around 20 knots from the north-west this afternoon - not really a gale (although it is very sheltered in here) but definitely too strong to sail into. Camilla was baffled that Simon Keeling's normally helpful forecast is still talking about southerly force 8. We have contacted Simon to ask if there could be an error with his model.

Other than that it's been a quiet day. In the rainiest and windiest bits we have hidden below, making good use of the internet to catch up with Stuff. In the quieter and sunnier moments we have explored Fåborg and its excellent chandlery, pleasant little shops and very good supermarket. And of course at 6pm we had the now statutory drinks with Jonty and Wyn from Lady Cressida, this time on board Kalessin. It will be a real blow having to split up and go our own ways, it has been so nice sailing in company for a while.

We had a strange moment when Wyn came on board a few minutes late, saying she'd mislaid her harbour smart card, and could she borrow ours to look in the ladies and see if it was there. Camilla, who was last to the shower, reached into her pocket to get our card, and found two. It seems Wyn must have put hers on top of the card reader and forgotten it, and a few minutes later when Camilla had a shower she put our card in exactly the same spot, then picked up both without realising. Fortunately our card is more faded, so we can tell the difference.

Tomorrow looks like a day for exploring a bit further by foot or bike: still too windy to sail into, but overall nicer weather.

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