Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camilla is home

Camilla travelled home via train from Sonderborg to Copenhagen, easyJet to Stansted, collection by Camilla's mother from the airport, an overnight stay in Essex, and home by train to Diss on Tuesday. Generally speaking it was very painless, and Denmark was sunny and fairly clear as we flew over, with Augustenborg clearly visible between the fluffy white clouds.

Kalessin is here. The island of Als seen from the easyJet flight

National Express East Anglia welcomed Camilla to the UK with a broken-down train between Ipswich and Stowmarket, and a 30-minute delay while it was cleared. Sigh. Still, it's good to be home, and between calls and website visits to colleges there's time to do the washing, start on the garden, and find out how to fix Camilla's iPhone - it has thoughtfully chosen this moment to fail to hold charge.

Meanwhile Sam has stripped everything except the boom off Kalessin - she's coming out of the water next Monday - and is starting on all the other maintenance tasks. He's also found more English people to talk to, as there are now at least four British boats awaiting lay-up. One of them already knew about us, having met Lady Cressida at Sonderborg. I think we are becoming part of the Baltic community.

Looking through the photographs, most of which were of course taken on sunny days, it all looks so wonderful we can't wait to get out there and sailing next year.

A typical day in the Baltic...

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