Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We managed to be first on the fuel berth in Kühlungsborn when it opened at 9am. In fact it was quite a nifty bit of parking, though I says it as shouldn't. We didn't need much diesel as we've managed to do quite a lot of sailing between locations, but it's nice to be well stocked.

There really wasn't much wind for our epic 12-mile sail to Warnemünde but because we left quite early we were able to sail at speeds between 1.5 and 6 knots depending on the wind, with a short engine-powered burst when we lost steerage way in 2 knots of wind. We even got the fishing gear over the stern a couple of times, but the first time we had to start the engine, and the second time the wind increased and our speed hit 6 knots, which is far too fast for fishing.

We're in the new Hohe Düne marina, which is a bit like Kühlungsborn (new marina built around a new development) although its location is a lot like Travemünde (ferry ride across the river to a resort/port which is at the mouth of a river, with a Hanseatic port a few miles away by train. In this case the port is Rostock rather than Lübeck). The development here is very grand and upmarket, in fact if there was a golf course behind the hotel we might think we were in Vilamoura on the Algarve. However the superyachts have clearly not all arrived yet, as there are loads of empty berths.

We're still waiting to see what the weather does on Thursday and beyond. Simon Keeling says NW5, but the German forecast says NW6-7 gusting 9-10. We discussed the option of heading straight for Gedser in Denmark tomorrow, which would be manageable in a north-easterly and only 24 miles away. But the consensus is that having got this far, we should keep going to Rügen, which is most Baltic sailors' favourite part of Germany. So it looks as though we will have time to visit Rostock by train while we wait for fair winds.

Miles today: 12.

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