Monday, July 04, 2011

Taking it easy

It's been a quiet few days as we have sat tight in Cuxhaven waiting for Ben. Well, quiet is relative. The wind continued to whistle through the rigging and the boat continued to rock until late Sunday evening, when it finally calmed down. Still no sign of any sun though.

We really didn't do much on Sunday after a splendid buffet breakfast at the yacht club (€8.50 each) filled us up for the day. We made use of the washing machine and as it wasn't actually raining, managed to get most of the clothes mostly dry. And in the evening we entertained Peter and Sue from Safir, who were able to give us lots of useful info about where to go (and where to avoid) in the Baltic. They did induce a mild panic when they pointed out we didn't have one of the crucial harbour books from our Danish chart packs. Fortunately I found it in the middle of the UK pilot books, which I had put away because we won't need them for a while... oops.

Today we picked up the hire car which we have for a couple of days. We decided parking in Hamburg was too much of a challenge, and we'll see Bremen tomorrow when we collect Ben, so instead we visited an Elbe port called Stade. It's full of old houses very beautifully restored, a nice centre and lovely church, and surrounded by river and canals. We had an excellent meal right in the middle of the prettiest part, including a massive apple waffle, fortunately shared between us, for a total of €30. Germany seems to have forgotten to increase its restaurant prices to the dizzy heights now seen in the Netherlands and the UK.

It's now very calm, which is nice, but still only about 16 deg C. A bit of warmth would be welcome....

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David said...

Just about to leave Lauwersoog for Delfzijl via Groningen in our boat Papillon which is usually based at Levington and is currently heading East. Your observations are very useful. Thanks for trailblazing! David.